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Posted on: 21-03-2015

Time: 15:07:09

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New Book Release: Learn & Practice SOROBAN

Description :

The focus of this book is to know, learn, practice and become more proficient in performing arithmetic calculations using the ancient calculating tool called Soroban (The Japanese Abacus). One might be thinking in earlier days how the calculations were happened in business trade, which is nothing but using the Abacus. The Value of Abacus still existence due to its powerful logical process, manipulating the beads and calculating with high speed. This book guides you complete explanation of abacus, how to use and the process of manipulating the beads. A Tutorial for Self-Starters and All Who Want to Learn the Art of Calculating using Abacus.

This is a Practical Book and a step-by-step guide to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on a Japanese Abacus. This book is very easy to read and learn, how to use, count, and calculate using Abacus. This book is well designed, not only for teachers, instructors, and learners but also for the parents, who can help children to learn and practice using the tool. This book provides more pictorial representation, easy to understand, easy to grasp immediately. Each chapter clearly explained with detailed examples of problems with pictures, step by step approach like, how to manipulate the beads, rules to be followed while manipulating the beads etc.,. At the end of the chapter you will find the exercises for an immediate practice of the concept. The exercises were prepared and arranged in structured way to practice and become proficient in the use of Abacus.

As a Student, you will learn how make your own Abacus and use. At the end learners will find in my book are short, precise explanations of terms and concepts that are written in understandable language. You will also learn the concepts of the Complementary Number methods and techniques used while manipulating the beads.

Hope this book will provide an excellent source for children, will help learning the number system, learn /use visualizing the beads to do mental calculation and quickly grasp the concepts of carrying and borrowing in arithmetic. Great for both children and adults.

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